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Welcome to my shop

This shop offers exclusive merchandise available no where else with my art on it. You only have a month to purchase the merch until it returns to the Vault, never to be seen again! Some prints will be permanently available, check out the Print Shop below. Click below to find out more info on how the Merch Store works.

Why limited time?

To make the merch that is sold more exclusive, I’m offering these items for a limited time only! One month for each design, then it goes away forever! So, buy now to ensure you get your favourite design.

Can i see what's coming up?

Yes! If you join my Patreon, you can enjoy a heads up of next months design so you can make your decision to buy or not, plus you get exclusive benefits and discounts too!

What if i miss out on a design?

Designs are Vaulted to the general public after one month on the site. After that, you can join my Patreon to have an additional two weeks of availability after the public is locked out. I’ll also do random drops of previous designs with discounts there as well.

Print on demand

All designs are printed on demand when you order. So you’ll get the best quality, fastest shipping and a great product.

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