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About Me

Hello! I’m Stace

Abstract and Cubist artist.

Born in Penticton in 1973, Stace DeWolf has made Kamloops home with his wife Jocelyn and 7 children. With 6 boys and 1 girl Stace and Jocelyn have their hands full, but they say they wouldn’t want it any other way. “Jocelyn is a beautiful, funny, strong and fiercely independent woman. She is my best friend and has always had my back through my best and my absolute worst. She has always been my lighthouse!”

Creating art has always been something that Stace has enjoyed. Picasso, Dali, Bacon, Van Gough & the German expressionists hugely influenced Stace and his art when he was growing up and to this day. As an expressionist artist, Stace loves the process of creating new art. “What makes me feel the best with my work is when I can see the progression. It’s an incredible feeling when you’ve had a breakthrough in your work. Euphoria is about the best way to describe it.” His goal with creating his painting is to use vibrant colour and imagery to illicit strong emotional responses in its viewers. The goal is to reach them and pull them in.

My work looks deep into the human condition. My own personal struggles with mental health and addiction have really brought more congruence with myself and my work. I try to Express my own feelings of hopelessness and despair that I used to feel into a relatable visual story. My personal experiences are instrumental in transferring this to my work and to the viewer. The Emotion I use in my work is a reflection of myself. Who I am and why I do what I do is in my work through my honest application of looking into myself? Connecting to the viewer is important to my work.

The connection is what gives the work purpose and true meaning. “Art should punch you in the stomach. It should make you feel hard! It should make you think about yourself and the world around you. What’s the point of art if it cannot do this?”
The anthropomorphic nature of my work and the use of color gives my work the life it requires to make its point. If I can help reach one person who is struggling and let them know it’s ok. To let them know it can get better, it’s worth it.

While Stace is creating he enjoys a freshly poured Americano and the tunes of his Metal playlist. It allows him to focus and gain inspiration with his work.

Any artist loves it when someone finds their work inspiring enough to purchase it to enjoy daily in their home or office. Stace puts it simply: “My hope for those who have bought my work is to enjoy it whenever they can and to refer to it when they are having not so great days. My work tells a story that is very familiar with us all and within that innate quality, peace can be found. I hope that it is work that is cherished and passed down. I hope that it can move people and help them through tough times.”

“ The only light on at night is my studio light “ Stace continues, “ I need to create, it’s a part of my spirit, my soul”

During the evenings Stace streams his art process to the world on Instagram & has started a Patreon to further bring his artwork to his fans.

“Sharing the process and connecting with the viewers is a integral part of my work”

Let’s Get Started


Apart from my original creations, I am fully available to book for commissions!

My commissions range from portraits, to pets, to full sized murals (in home or for business) and even tattoo creation. Click below to see my work, which you can request for a tattoo, or click the link above to start a project together.

I look forward to seeing what we can create together.


In addition to commissions, I love to do portraits! Send me a picture and I’ll turn it into a Wolfman Style portrait. You can choose from individual, group/family, or pet!


Murals are my latest passion! These large works of art are adorning walls and surfaces all round Kamloops!

If you want to commission me to create one for your home, business, or office, just reach out! Let’s grab a coffee and build a masterpiece together.

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Social Media

If you want to see the latest from me, follow my work on Social Media and support me on Patreon!

Social Media

I have a wide variety of social media, and am most active on Instagram. Give me a follow and see what’s new with my latest work!


Patreon is a direct way for you to support my art work. You’ll get direct access to some behind the scenes, exclusive discounts on my store, the ability to buy upcoming merch before it’s available, and previous releases. On top of that you’ll receive exclusive rewards the longer you subscribe and other drops of digital goodies each month!


Tattoos & Licensing

Licensing a Wolfman Originals piece for a project is possible! By purchasing a license, you are able to use the image specifically for that project. Please contact Wolfman directly before purchasing the license below to ensure the image you wish to use it available to license and the restrictions you’ll have to abide by after approval.


You can only purchase a license for a tattoo after you have contacted me for permission. Some designs are not available for purchase at this time. By purchasing a license, you are allowed to use ONE piece of my artwork for a personal tattoo. This mean you, exclusively, are authorized to have this artwork placed on your own body only. You cannot share this license. Additional pieces require separate, and additional, licenses.

Once approved and paid for, you will receive a high resolution print of the artwork and your personal use tattoo license. Your tattoo artists will need to size this piece to your exact measurements for the tattoo. I also request that once you have the Tattoo complete, you send me photos that I can use here, and on social media. I will credit the tattoo artist, tag them in the post and share across my social platforms. Your tattoo artist may use these photos as well but must credit me as the original creator of the art.

This license does not allow the artwork to be modified, changed, adjusted for any other purpose than a personal tattoo. This license does not allow tattoo shops or other artists to resale any of my designs in any way. If you have questions or concerns, please contact me directly.

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Contact Me

Send me a message directly below and let’s work on something together! Book a commission, order an original, or just reach out to say hi!

What are you reaching out about?

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